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Lucknowi Gosht Korma

Lucknowi Gosht Korma is a fragrant royal preparation of Goat meat flavoured with spices, nuts and aromatic essences like saffron and kewda (screw pine). Kebabs, kormas, biryanis are a section of lavish Awadhi cuisine since Mughal era, Kormas are ... continue reading...

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Kesar Kaju Katli

Kesar Kaju Katli is one of the most renowned glorious fudge of cashew nuts flavoured with saffron. Whenever festivals are round the corner, Kaju katli ... continue reading...


Murgh Kali Mirch

Murgh Kali Mirch is a flavourful delicacy of Chicken cooked in black pepper and yogurt based gravy. This was in my To-Do list since quite a sometime ... continue reading...