Kesar Badam Milk

Kesar Badam Milk- A drink in which milk is flavoured with almonds and saffron. Kesar badam milk is very healthy beverage that provides energy and rejuvenates your body. It  can be enjoyed in both avatars….Hot or Cold. In tastes best when chilled and In winter/rains it tastes best when hot/warm. Whether hot or cold, it always tops the list as it is most liked drink by almost everyone. As milk, almonds and saffron are the main ingredients, this drink possesses immense health benefits.
 Milk is an excellent source of calcium, proteins, vitamins especially A and B. It builds your muscles and makes your bones, teeth stronger.It has amino acids that helps in keeping  skin moisturised. It acts as a de-stress agent, so taking warm milk before sleep relaxes muscles and soothes nerves. 
Almonds are heavily packed with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins. They are one of the healthiest nuts.They are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, high grade protein and high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. Consumption of almonds increases Vitamin E levels in blood that acts as powerful antioxidants defending the cells from damage. It reduces the cholesterol levels thereby reducing the heart disease risks. Almonds are very good for your skin 
Saffron popularly known as Kesar (zafran)is also called as ‘Gold Spice’ . It is well known for its colour, aroma and medicinal properties. Saffron is very good source of potassium manganese, iron and selenium. It is used as medicine for Asthma, cough or cold to loosen the phlegm. Saffron imparts exotic aroma and flavour to the dishes making it royal. They are best for skin as it has natural skin glowing qualities.
With all the benefits of Milk, almonds and saffron, this kesar badam milk tops the list of energy drink. If you prefer, you can skip sugar and use honey as a sweetener. Proceed with the method, skip sugar. Chill the milk and while serving add honey, mix, garnish it and sip. You can make it in bulk and refrigerate it as it stays well in refrigerator easily for 3 days. It is a perfect health drink for all ages. Here is how I did it…

750 ml, full fat milk
1/4 cup, almonds, blanched, peeled and ground to paste
A good pinch of saffron
Sugar as per taste
1/2 tsp, cardamom powder
Few drops of rose essence
1/4 cup of hot water
Slivered almonds and pistachios for garnish
Saffron strands for garnish
Soak saffron in hot water and keep it aside for 30 minutes
In a heavy bottom pan, bring milk to boil. Simmer on low heat for 5-7 minutes.
Add almond to the milk stirring continuously until mixed well. 
Add saffron water and mix well. Simmer until milk is reduced to 3/4 amount. Stir intermittently to avoid burning and sticking at the bottom
Add sugar as per taste (depending upon the sweetness you prefer) cardamom powder, rose essence and mix well.
Simmer for another 3-4 minutes.
Take it off the heat and cool completely
Chill for few hours
Pour in serving glasses, garnish with slivered almonds, pistachios and saffron
Serve Chilled
You can enjoy this drink warm as well if you do not prefer chilled milk
You can also use low fat milk if you prefer 
Add sugar according to your taste
I always prefer to grind almond to a bit coarse paste as I love the crunch of almond in mouth  while sipping the milk. You can grind it to fine or coarse paste accordingly, choice is all yours. 🙂

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