Besan Ke Ladoo

Mithai play an essential role in an Indian culture. Mithais marks the essence of joy and cordiality in the form of greetings, celebrations, party, wedding ceremony and festivals.  You will see a vast array of mithais to be  like Kaju katlis, ladoos, JalebisGulab jamuns, Malpuas, Rasmalais, Kalakand , Halwas, Rabdis, balushahis, kheer , pedas, Barfi , Phirnis and many more served and shared. These can either be bought from the market or can easily be made at home. However, we all know that nowadays there has been an adulteration in most of the mithais especially during festivals. So, its eternally best to make them best at home. And of-course I do the same, coz the fruit of the patience and love is forever sweet, right? Indeed, Yes!!

I have made many sweets and keep continuing making them from time to time, (of-course in desi ghee too 😉 ) as my kids love them so much and I feel extremely happy and blessed when my little ones request me for making sweets for them. This time it was Besan ke laddoo turn. Now, how this besan ke laddoo came into picture for making them at home. Couple of weeks back my mother and grandmother visited me with loads of eating stuffs, along with some of the finest desi ghee loaded besan ke ladoo, mewe ke laddoo and motichoor ke laddoo from hometown UP. Out of them, my personal favorite were Mewe ke laddoo, I found it to best one I have ever eaten. And, my son got his personal favorite with Besan Ke ladoo. No doubt, they all were gulped in no time.

Couple of days back he was reminding of those besan laddoo how much he loved them and immediately he asked, “Mamma, if you can make some yummy besan ke Ladoos for me”.

That’s where his words with lots of love and happiness in his eyes, which  geared me up to make ladoos for them, even though I was badly down with flue, body pain and fever.

Mamma (me) got up from the bed with great enthusiasm and energy and headed on to the kitchen to make the delicious desi ghee besan ke laddoo for my angel. And, here I am, bestowing delicious aromatic Besan ke ladoo for my family as well as for you all my dear readers and followers.

I have mentioned each step in detail along with tips to get best besan ke laddoos at home. Saffron is optional, but yes, addition of saffron enhances the richness and flavor of laddoo. I was unfortunate to find a little coarse variety besan, as they are the best for making laddoos. But, the fine besan makes the best laddoos when every step mentioned in the recipe is followed to the ‘tee’.

I feel real glad to see my kids munching on these laddoos and saying, “mamma, it’s too good”, with every bite they take in.

Do I need say anything after this about the recipe and ladoos?? I guess, not!

So let’s go through the steps for how to make best besan ke laddoos at home…

Besan Ke Laddu

Besan Ke Ladoo


3& ½ cups, Besan (around 400 grams of chickpea flour), preferably a little coarse besan

1 cup, ghee(250 gms)

1& ¾ cup (around 350 grams), sugar, powdered (you may adjust as per your liking)

¼ cup, cashew nuts, coarsely crushed

¼ cup, almonds, coarsely crushed

A pinch of saffron, lightly roasted and crushed

1& ½ teaspoon, cardamom powder

Besan ke Laddoo

Besan Ke Ladoo


In a large heavy bottom pan, heat ghee well.

when ghee is hot, reduce the flame to very low, add besan, start stirring and roasting on a very low flame

Stir well continuously until besan releases nutty aromatic flavor and turns good golden color. Do not burn. You may increase the heat to medium and roast besan, but to get the best roasted flavor and golden color, it is always best to roast it in ghee on a very low flame

Add crushed saffron, crushed cashew nuts, and crushed almonds. Mix well

Roast well on low for another 5-6 minutes. At this point you will see, ghee oozing out from the mixture and it turns out to beautiful dark golden aromatic Besan laddoo mixture.

Immediately take the pan off the heat, and mix cardamom powder and sugar mixture. Mix very well

Cool the mixture to a temperature just easy to handle and make laddoos.

Take small amount of mixture and shape them into laddoos. You can garnish laddoos with nuts of your choice

Yummy Desi ghee ke besan ke laddoo is ready to be gobbled 🙂




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